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What We Do

Get your medical marijuana card today


What We Do

Take control of your healing. With The Green Remedy, we give you choices. How do you want to begin your healing journey? In addition to medical cannabis certifications, we can set you up with a skilled nutritionist and/or one of our doctors to commence your integrative care.

Medical cannabis certifications

The cannabis plant is believed to be one of the oldest harvested plants in the entire world.

Discover how cannabis can help with your qualifying condition. Get approved for the medical cannabis today.

integrative care

The therapeutic relationship between our practitioners and patients is extremely important to us. With a focus on your body, mind and spirit, our doctors combine modern medicine with established approaches from around the world.


nutrition therapy

Have you considered the reason why certain conditions are more common today than ever before could be because of the food we put in our bodies?

Maybe medical nutrition therapy is a good option for you.