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How Cannabis Helped My Anxiety & PTSD

About 7 years ago, I went through a very traumatic experience that really changed me. At the time, I decided not to seek help, because I thought that I was fine. It wasn't until 5 years after my traumatic experience that I decided to finally speak to someone.

After having several sessions with my therapist, she suggested that I was  experiencing signs of PTSD. She then referred me to a psychiatrist who eventually gave me an official PTSD diagnosis. At first, I thought it was a little crazy. I assumed that PTSD was for veterans and people who've had close experiences with death. After researching, I realized that the nightmares I was having and the terrible anxiety I was dealing with was the result of my experience 7 years ago. I had PTSD.

Of course, the psychiatrist gave me a prescription for drugs. I was never the type of person to take meds unless it was totally necessary, but I was so eager to live a normal life again. A life without nightmares and severe anxiety. I took the drugs for about 2 months until I said "forget it". One of my best friends moved to Denver, and when I went to visit her, she took me to a dispensary. That changed my life, but for the better this time.

I learned about the different strains of cannabis, and which ones would work best for my social anxiety due to my PTSD. I felt so much better. I remember going to a bar for the first time, and not feeling nervous about the crowd being there. I remember not thinking about all the terrible things that could happen.

Cannabis helped me get my life back, and I will forever be grateful for it. The drugs that I was prescribed to take did absolutely nothing for me. However, a psychiatrist told me to take them, so I believed that maybe, eventually, it would help. Sativa helped me within 1 day.

I understand that cannabis is not meant for everyone, but it's definitely meant for me.