The Green Remedy
Advocates of Natural Healing

About Us

Specialize in alternative medicine and medical cannabis certification

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About Us

The Green Remedy is a group of compassionate doctors and advocates that believe in medical cannabis as an alternative to traditional medicine.

Our staff is well-informed and familiar with the state's medical cannabis laws. One of our strengths is successfully getting our patients approved for the medical cannabis program in Pennsylvania. The goal is to make the certification process as simple and seamless as possible for every patient.

We believe in natural medicine and organic remedies. Traditional medicine does help, however, some prescription drugs are extremely toxic for the body. We want to show you a new and healthier way to live. A lifestyle change that can benefit your life and the lives of your families.

Each certified patient will receive a nutritional therapy plan and a lifestyle revision plan.

TGR wants to join you on your journey of getting healthy <3

**Please keep in mind that we are not a dispensary and we do not dispense cannabis or cannabis products. We help patients with the certification process**